2017 Events at the Lodge

2017 Programs!

All events are free and take place at 1pm at the Lodge unless otherwise noted.

May 6 – Wild Saturday: Fungi of the Catskills

May 6 – John Michelotti, owner of Catskill Fungi and President of the Mid-Hudson Mycological Association, discusses the ecological functions of fungi, common edibles and medicinal mushrooms in the Catskills, as well as historic uses of fungi and present day research and innovations. Learn to easily grow mushrooms indoors or in your garden as companions to your plants this season. Find out more at CatskillFungi.com.

June 3 – Wild Saturday, Inside the Honeybee Colony

June 3 –  Ralph Garofolo, a beekeeper with a deep interest and study of honey bees, will share his experience, insight, and his deep concern for their wellbeing

July 1 – Wild Saturday, Wildlife Near Home

July 1 – Mairead Mulhern, Environmental Educator from Mine Kill and Mac V. Shaul State Parks will discuss local wildlife found in Upstate New York. Come take a look at various pelts, skulls, and feathers that are from local animals found in your county!

August 5 – Wild Saturdays, An Observational Hiker

Aug 5 – Paul Misko, founder of THE CATSKILL 4000 CLUB gives talks and writes articles on Catskill history, John Burroughs, and hikes. His talk on “Observational Hiking”–something John Burroughs encouraged whenever outdoors. Paul provides a multi-media presentation of his hiking discoveries enhanced by his relevant anecdotes.

September 2 – Wild Saturdays, Face to Face with Raptors

September 2 – Annie Mardiney, federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator, shares her deep passion by bringing hawks, owls, and falcons to Woodchuck Lodge. Come meet them face to face!

October 7 – Wild Saturdays, Alien Invaders in Burroughs’ Backyard

October 7 – John Thompson, Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership Coordinator, updates us on how Catskill forests have changed since John Burroughs tramped through these woods. Forests are now threatened by the introduction of species that would be unfamiliar to Burroughs. Discussion of invasive species and what we can do to help protect the Catskill Mountains for the future.